Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wow Factor

I'm a news junkie. Every day, I have to check the CNN and Fox News websites regularly. And that's when I'm not watching their channels on TV. As I was catching up on my morning dose of information, I noticed an ad. I like Overstock and have ordered a few things from them in the past. What caught my eye was the picture.

What a snazzy way to upgrade a bathroom!

This sink (including faucet) comes in several different colors, and for both pieces, the price isn't bad. Overstock


Linda B. said...

Snazzy with a double capital Z.

But...(ooooh, the proverbial But)I would be a tad worried about that glass (?) faucet.

You? Yes, No, Maybe So???

Bernie said...

Very beautiful but not really my style. I love it but not in my home. At first I was going to say I could see it in Eric and Rebekah's home but I'm not sure. Maybe not clean lined enough for them.