Friday, July 25, 2008

Paris Paradise

Paris Paradise was the name my daughter gave her second room. At age 7, she was very involved in the design decisions for this room. She's an artist and a ballerina, among other things, so those talents were incorporated in her feminine retreat in several different ways.

All the furniture was secondhand. Her bed came from Goodwill, and with a fresh coat of white paint, it fit in perfectly with the Parisian theme. The nightstand was a bar stool-turned-table, skirted with fabric trimmed with baby, pink, silk roses.

You may recognize the chandelier from her previous room. Updated with a coat of white paint, the fixture was converted to a swag, so Cameron could easily access the switch from her bed. The long cord was camouflaged with yards of flowy tulle.

See the writing on the walls? Since my little, seven-year-old ballerina had her own form of curly writing, French ballet words were curly-qued on every wall. That was my favorite part of the whole room!

Cameron was a very prolific artist. She'd spread her art supplies on the kitchen floor and go crazy, creating all sorts of things. We finally decided she should keep her things contained in her own room, so I converted her closet to an art studio. It comes as no surprise that it was never cleaner than when this picture was taken! :-)

The chair is skirted with voile, gathered with black and white gingham ribbon. I added little pockets that held silk, pink rose petals.

The curtain rods were a bargain Big Lots find and a fun way for Cameron to display her art and ballet leotards.

I loved the soft wall color. It's Behr's Cream Rose, in case you're wondering.

We decorated this room right before everyone else was doing pink and black Parisian rooms. In fact, her room was inspiration for other little girls' rooms, we know.

I hope you've enjoyed a glimpse into the past and a part of my little girl's personality. We'll be finishing up her third room soon.


KARIN said...

I remember this room! I couldn't get over how clever Cameron was with the script she invented for her border. When are you going to have the big reveal on her new room? I'm so ready to move beyond the pink in my baby girl's room!

PS That bunny bed was $30 Whoo hoo!

sandra/tx said...

Well, the room's not finished yet, and we're leaving for vacation next Friday. I'm guessing the big room reveal will be around the end of August.

Great score on the bunny bed. Wow!

niartist said...

Hi Sandra!
So glad you stopped by my blog so that I could find you here. I have a pink/black tile bathroom at Karen's that I am currently trying to revive. It's a chore though, let me tell you! I wanted to paint the walls a soft gray, almost pewter and do the parisian theme ... I loved your post for the inspiration. Keep in touch! Oh, and I have a cousin in Amarillo ... and Austin. My FAVE!

suzette said...

Cameron is a lucky girl. She's had the most fun rooms and yes, you two did this one before I'd heard of anyone else doing it. I love how soft the wall color was and would have to agree that my most favorite thing was her handwritten curly script. Two thumbs up ladies-I can't wait to see her new room reveal too. :-)

mary said...

I remember this sweet room! Cameron was so proud of the writing on the walls and her art studio. Everytime I see anything "Paris" themed - I think about our girl.

Cote de Texas said...

This is soooo cute - I can't wait to see the new one.