Thursday, July 31, 2008

The E-Mail Exchange

Because of the high gas prices, we're pinching pennies like everyone else. One of the things my husband and I try to do is take our lunch to work most days. Yesterday, shortly before I had to leave for a committee meeting, I received this e-mail from my husband:

Subject Line -- I wish....

You could buy my lunch. I'm starved!

Me: I have a committee meeting. You have NO money? And NOTHING to eat????
He: I was born a poor black child... (A reference from the movie, "The Jerk". I did not see this e-mail before I had to leave).

On the way to the meeting, I called him to say that we will have sub sandwiches at this meeting and always order extras. I could drop one off for him after the meeting, and so I did.

When I got back to the office, I responded to his e-mail:

Me: Thank goodness for your sugah mama.

He: You may get some sweetness from the Sugah Daddy 2 nite!

I love how, after more than 22 years of marriage, we can still make each other chuckle. :-)

We're gearing up for an ambitious 10-day road trip, leaving tomorrow. I'll try to post some from the road.