Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This week's CL ad!

I've got 5 Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies - - What Do You Have To Trade? (Round Rock)

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I've got 5 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies: 3 boxes of Caramel Delites, 1 box of Cinna-Spins and 1 box of Thanks-A-Lots. What have you got to Trade???

I googled images of GS cookies and came across some interesting tidbits.

  • The name of the cookie depends on the bakery. Girl Scout councils can choose which bakery they want to go with.

  • Samoas and Caramel De-Lites are the same cookie -- different bakery. They seem to have overtaken the Thin Mints in popularity and deliciousness. Many people like them straight from the freezer.

  • Scot-Teas are now known as Trefoils, and they no longer have that sugar sprinkling on top. Darn. Now they have no redeeming quality, as far as I'm concerned.

  • Some Google cookie images are fairly large, and some are small. What's up with that? This Thanks-A-Lot pic was only available in small. Maybe it should be called "Thanks-A-Little."

Why do I keep wanting to call this cookie a "Sit N Spin?"

Most people may not know that I was the marketing/p.r. director for a Girl Scout council in western Pennsylvania, back in the early 90's. To this day, one of the best marketing ideas I ever came up with was when I worked there, and we wanted to promote our cookie sales.

We hosted the Great Girl Scout Cookie Concoction Contest where we invited local restaurants to create original recipes using GS cookies. The restaurants purchased the cookies, experimented with ideas and then came together where we had local celebrities taste test the goodies. Restaurants were judged on creativity, taste and presentation. The winning recipe used the Trefoils in a breakfast dish with sausage. It sounds weird, but it was surprisingly yummy!

The top three restaurants received plaques to hang in their foyers, which promoted GS and GS cookies year-round. We also had great coverage in the local paper, complete with color pictures and winning recipes.

My favorite GS cookie IS the Caramel De-Lite. Maybe I should come up with something to give this guy for his three boxes of them.


Lisa said...

I love that contest idea!

Caramel DeLites are my favorite too. But darn, they are not on my "healthy food" list these days. ;-) And who can eat just one? Or two? :-)

becca watson said...

I refuse to call Samoas by any other name! They have been Samoas since I was a kid selling Girl Scout cookies. They are my absolut favorite and I would do anything for a box..