Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Can Do That!

I don't need any new projects right now, but that doesn't stop me from looking through magazines or catalogs and seeing things that I think I could make or do.

These are two of the most obvious choices, in my opinion, for pretty easy, DIY projects. Secondhand chests and dressers can be found at garage sales and through Craigslist.

Something like this could be made with prefab or stock bookcases and molding.

While this project would be hard on the neck, what a great look it would be for the right room. Just use prefinished, wood flooring, and you've got yourself a custom ceiling!

Black and white photography is all the rage right now. How easy it would be to display small photos with a wide, white mat and a simple, black frame. Several grouped together really makes a statement.

What do you see and think you could do?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Given that today is Good Friday, I won't add the Friday Cocktail icon, but I will share a song.

I've mentioned before that I used to sing, including in a contemporary Christian group called Majesty in Tulsa, Oklahoma. One of the songs we'd sing this time was year was Twila Paris' "Lamb of God." To this day, it is one of my favorite Easter songs. Have a blessed weekend and Happy Easter.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Vampire of the Vanities

Don't you love those antique dressers or sideboards turned into bathroom vanities? I know I do. Take a look at these...

This vanity belongs to Linda at Lime in the Coconut. Isn't it great?

So I found a website with a lot of antique sideboards. Can't you just see these turned into bathroom vanities? One of these days...

Do you have a favorite?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hooked on Michael Buble

The fact that I'm positively, completely and utterly hooked on Michael Buble isn't a new development. I'm trying to remember how I first found out about him. I think it was from a "60 Minutes" interview back around 2000. If I were a teenaged girl, I wouldn't have posters of Chase Crawford or Orlando Bloom on my walls. No.... Instead, there'd be my lipstick kisses all over Michael Buble's paper cheeks.

A little more than a year ago, I heard that Buble would be coming to Austin. Since my daughter likes him, too, I logged on and ordered concert tickets just as soon as they were available. As a music lover, it's not surprising that I've seen a lot of concerts and live performances. John Mayer, Rod Stewart, Billy Joel... They were all great in concert. But no one beats Michael Buble. Not only is he a great singer, he's really very entertaining, as well. If you like the standards -- heck, even if you don't -- you must arrange to get tickets if he comes to your city. You won't be disappointed.

To see what other bloggers are hooked on, check out Julia's blog here. Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Castles in the Sand

Today's post isn't entirely about decorating, but it is about castles. And other spectacular things that can be created on the beach. In the sand. I love how creative people get with these...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Hooked On And A Friday Cocktail

Today I'm hooked on bluebonnets. Bluebonnets are the Texas state flower, and while they are native to the state, they don't grow everywhere. Luckily, they do grow here in central Texas, and they're spectacular.

For more Hooked On Fun, visit Julia's blog...

Today's Friday Cocktail is by Van Morrison. Van Morrison's career has spanned at least four decades, and from what I can tell, he shows no signs of letting up. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Home of the Week -- Windsor Road

Sorry for my absence of late. Funny thing about blogging. Even for those of us who enjoy writing, connecting with others and sharing our hobbies and passions, it's easy to hit a road block with blogging. Other things in our lives can get in the way, too. When you have a full time job, a home and a family, well, a girl's gotta have priorities.

And today's priority is to get back on track with Canyon Wren Cottage and post this week's Home of the Week. (I'm renewing my commitment to Canyon Wren Cottage, and I thank you for your loyalty and friendship).

I've mentioned the old, monied area of Austin's Enfield before. While there are some beautiful neighborhoods around town, I think it's hard to beat the architecture and character of the old homes along Windsor Road.

Built in 1939, this home's traditional architecture encompasses a sizable 3678 square feet. The real estate listing says one can see the UT Tower, Texas State Capitol and downtown from this lot. It's hard to put a price on a view like that.

Now for the nitty gritty... The home boasts 3 bedrooms (though the real estate listing says the exercise room could be a 4th bedroom) and 5 baths. The price tag? $2,000,000.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Cocktail

I don't know about you, but I'm so glad today's Friday. What a week! Central Texas is finally getting some much-needed moisture, but driving in it is not fun. In fact, I got rear-ended the other night on my way home from work. I'm fine, and, honestly, the car's fine too. I still have to hassle with getting it fixed and making arrangements for a rental car. Did I mention I'm glad today's Friday? How 'bout a cocktail?

Today's Friday Cocktail is a new song by a new artist. Erin McCarley is one of the hottest new artists around. Hailing from Garland, a Dallas suburb, she now lives in Nashville. I hope she comes to Austin soon. I'd love to see her in concert. Enjoy!

I'm going to be catching up on everyone's blogs -- a perfect way to spend a rainy weekend, don't you think?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Has Ken Been Replaced By Jonathan Adler?

You may have heard the recent news that Jonathan Adler is moving up in the design world and is now designing for Barbie. From

What little girl didn’t dream of living in Barbie’s dream house as an adult? Our taste may have changed since we were little, but so has Barbie’s! The icon, who turns 50-years-old this year, is moving to Malibu and none other than Top Design judge Jonathan Adler is shaping the interiors. The interior design star will be updating Barbie’s bedroom, living room, and, of course, her drool-worthy closet, in an actual Malibu beach house, which will serve as the backdrop to the doll’s 50th blowout bash on March 9. And for those of us who still love playing house, Barbie and Adler will be launching a “Jonathan Adler Loves Barbie" collection in the fall of 2009, including designer pottery, pillows, decorative objects. Don’t forget the Jonanthan Adler-designed Barbie that comes with her own matching furniture!...

Barbie and her digs have received many makeovers through the years, and Jonathan Adler's may be the best yet. His designs really lend themselves to a bit of exaggeration and translate well to miniatures.

I also like what Michael Williams has created on his own (courtesy of his Flickr album)...

Is it just me, or are you wanting to play with Barbies again, too?