Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Home of the Week

I'm going to start a new blog feature called "Home of the Week." Most of the homes will be currently listed for sale in the Austin area, but you may get a little surprise now and then with houses from other parts of the country.

This lovely home lends a contemporary twist to European architecture. One of the disadvantages to featuring homes for sale is that the photographer is probably not a professional. Too bad, because I'll bet there's so much more to see of this beautiful home. (Click on pics for larger views). By the way, it's yours for just under $3 million.

I'm only starting out with the living room, because it's probably one of the first rooms you'd see as you walk into the house. Unfortunately, it's my least favorite, because the decor is a bit bland for such a grand home.

I'm not sure what to call this room, but would you look at that ceiling?! It reminds me of a yurt. And look at the round rug that mimics the ceiling.

I love this kitchen. I'm usually a white cabinet girl, but I also love dark, dark cabinets. As much as I love an eat-in kitchen, the table and chairs don't work here. An island might've worked, though.

I assume this is the master bedroom. Don't you just love the linen bedding? Swoon!

Another bedroom. Sparse but beautiful.

Bedroom 3. Looks like these people have lots of overnight guests. I've always wanted a guest room with two twin beds.

This outdoor kitchen could be even better with some well-placed seating, but I do love the shelter it gives while enjoying the outside air.

Here's the outdoor patio. I'd be happy to sip margaritas out here. Wouldn't you?

And finally -- the pool. Can you see yourself living in this house?


PAT said...

Hello Sandra!

Where have I been, since March! I had no idea you have a blog. Perhaps I did know and forgot or maybe I just didn't know. I'm putting you on my list, today, so I don't forget.

Loved this well as your others. I've just taken a look at your previous posts! Delightful!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

I'll look forward to stopping by here again, Sandra. I've added you to my links.


sandra/tx said...

Thanks, ladies. I know I have a lot to learn about blogging, but your lovely blogs are great inspiration.

Cote de Texas said...

I love this house!!!! That swimming pool/back yard area is beautiful - just beautiful!!!

thanks for your comment too!!!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oh, goodie...This home of the week will be fun! Love seein' other parts of our dear country!

As for me...I'll take one of the fridges, one of the pool/outdoor kitchen area...and that dark four poster in the guest room.

Just add it to my tab, would'ja Dearie??

Devonia said...

Hi Sandra! Really loved your brag post about Amarillo - but then I would, because being a DFW gal, I can't imagine living any where but Texas. I especially loved your "penny in the moonlight" phrasing - I was right there with you, smiling at the copper twinkling in the moonlight. This is going to be an awesome blog and since I want to find my way back -often - I'm adding it to "The Reason Paint Dries On My Brushes". Devonia

Alicia said...

Very pretty. I love the "sparsity"!