Monday, August 11, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

We're finally back from our extended driving trip. This was the first long trip we'd taken in two years and the most ambitious driving trip we'd ever embarked upon. Here's the itinerary:

Friday, August 1 -- Spend night in Nacogdoches, Texas' oldest town.
Saturday, August 2 -- Tour a bit of Nacogdoches and then head to Ruston, LA to spend night with family.
Sunday, August 3 -- Tour Vicksburg Civil War battleground and then stop for lunch with best cyber-bud and her family in Clinton, MS. Spend night in Birmingham, AL.
Monday, August 4 -- Drive through Smoky Mountain National Park before landing in Waynesville, NC to see more family there. That was the main reason for trip.
Tuesday, August 5 -- Enjoy train ride through the Nantahala Forest and spend time with family.
Wednesday, August 6 -- Tour Biltmore before having lunch in Greenville, SC with another best cyber-bud and her daughter. Spend night in Atlanta.
Thursday, August 7 -- Tour CNN studios and view Olympic Centennial Park before heading south to Pensacola Beach.
Friday, August 8 -- Spend a little more time on the beach before heading to New Orleans. Tour the French Quarter and have dinner at the Gumbo Shop. Dessert was beignets and chickory coffee at Cafe du Monde.
Saturday, August 9 -- Take driving tour of River Road to view historic plantations. Head home.

I'll bet you're tired just reading this, aren't you? We had such a wonderful time, but it's always good to be home. I'll post more on what we saw and did, including pics, throughout the week. For now, I'm still catching up on laundry, unpacking and getting the kids ready to be back in school.


Bernie said...

My Dear Sandra! I am quite tired after reading y our itinerary! I'm glad y'all had great vacation, saw family and friends, and are all still speaking to each other! Enjoy being home!

Amber said...

Sandra, you never do anything "lazy style", do ya?? Not even vacation! What a whirlwind, FUN trip! Can't wait to see photos! And THANK YOU for the hotel advice on the fly...San Jo to Beaumont! hee!

Lisa said...

LOL! I love the picture of Dorothy's feet.

I'm laughing at Bernie's comment "And are still speaking to each other!" Cute.

You DON'T do anything lazy-style, which is so endearing about you. I can't wait to see what stories and pictures unfold from your adventures.

SASSY said...

What a great trip - I'm sure you had a wonderful time!

Yes, Oklahoma still plays here - during the summer. Maybe we will catch it sometime next year, before it gets incredibly hot.

Loved your pic on GI - nice to see your sweet family!

Devonia said...

Welcome home, Sandra. Looking forward to a photo smorgasbord of the highlights of your trip. My bests, Devonia

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