Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Yep. I'm just going to have to have a personalized license plate made that says "IMA DTZ." I've mentioned before the mammoth garage sales we had last summer before the big move. I sold much of my old decorating stuff -- bedding, fabric, accessories, and furniture. It's great, because I have a clean palette to decorate now. The bad thing is, I like so many things, it's hard to narrow down exactly what I want.

If I can get through decorating the guest room, I should be able to tackle any room in my house. I haven't had a bonafide guest room since having kids, so maybe that's why my mind races in all different directions about what to do in there. First, I was going to go with the Ralph Lauren Guinevere.
Then I decided to go with the black and red bedding from Linen Source. What made that set so appealing, in addition to its just being really pretty, was that I already have things that could be used in there -- black, painted, tole trays and a wrought iron, ice cream chair with a seat needlepointed by my husband's late grandmother. Plus, my favorite color is red.

But then I started thinking about how the guest room would coordinate with the living room. Now, granted, the living room is pretty neutral and would work with quite a few different palettes. Still, I want the rooms to flow rather than compete.

Now, I should back up and say that my house in Amarillo was not big. I furnished it with pieces that would do double-duty to maximize the space. Due to the open floor plan, the color schemes, at least between the master bedroom, kitchen, study and living room, all worked together. It was great, because I could move furniture or accessories anywhere between those rooms, and they'd work wherever they landed.

Even though we have more square footage now, I guess I just can't get away from a "flowing" decor. And if the living room is the hub of our home, the spokes include the dining/kitchen, guest room and master.

You already know the living room has two IKEA sofas...

And a coffee table like this...

And a rug like this in blue (and might I say, it's a really great looking rug)...

So I decided to get bedding like this for the guest room...
It's a done deal. Actually, I just bought the comforter and bed skirt (Ralph Lauren -- hard to go wrong with RL) for now. I'll add the other pieces as I see good deals on them on Ebay. *sigh* Finally. The guest room is getting there. For now, I'll just sign off as IMA DTZ.


Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hi there......I love your choice...but OHHH baby does the black/red make my heart skip a beat. I have been coveting those Ikea sofas...that is the Elktorp? Are they made well...the price sure is right. I have never had a chance to go to an actual Ikea where I could see them. Thanks, cherry

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Same question as Cherry - how do you like your Ikea couch? Have you had it long? And did you get your new bedding - especially the bedskirt at Linen Source? I am looking for a cream bedskirt that is 18 inches...

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Sandra, I haven't gotten a really good look at your new home, so I can't wait to see more. I love the sofas, table & new rug. And your new bedding will be beautiful with it. If you have some pics on your blog of your new house, I'd love to take a peek. I looked back at the archives, but couldn't tell from the titles.

You probably saw my black/white damask that I scored at a yardsale a few weeks ago, so that is definitely pushing me towards a guestroom redo myself.

sandra/tx said...

I have two of the IKEA Ektorp sofas in our living room. I love them but will admit that they're not super cushy. For the money, they're perfect. If I had more financial resources, I'd probably go with a higher end, slipcovered sofa.

Rho, I need to post pics of our house on my blog. Still haven't done that. My to-do list grows longer. LOL

KARIN said...

Sandra, I feel your pain, Sister! Oh, I feel your pain. I look at my house and I think 1. Flow Flow Flow 2. No more French country/ lose all but 1 rooster :( 3. Resale at a moments notice. I don't actually do anything but think about what on earth I should do. I'm just skeered of making an expensive mistake, I guess. That and I totally can't get anything done with my kids underfoot.

I got rid of almost everything when we moved and Im sort of starting over. Its hard to get the momentum going. I love the bedding you chose. I just bought a King sized bed for the master, so I'm trying to figure that room out, too. Your right, you can't go wrong w/ RL.

How do you like your welsh cupboard? I'm trying to decide if I should paint mine or get rid of it. I have a buffet that I can use in that spot and one needs to go. Hard to choose.

sandra/tx said...

So glad to know I have a twin, Karin. :-) Love the cupboard, but I'm still contemplating whether to paint it white/off-white. Plus, I could use a few more goodies on it but just haven't had time to look for any.

Ugh, so much to do and so little time. Spring and fall are our busy times at work, and with five events between now and mid-November, it's way too hard to get motivated on home stuff. :-/

Lisa said...

Well, I *love* the RL blue and white. In fact, do you know how long I've had my duvet cover? It is time to be replaced but you did such a good job picking it out for me I am absolutely gonna cry when I finally have to get rid of it because it is tearing to shreds from age. :-) But when I have to replace it, I hope I can find something like this RL set.

SASSY said...

I like it! And, at least you have made up your mind...it takes me forever to get something finalized! :)

I, too have always wondered how the IKEA sofas sit and if they were constructed well.

Daisy Cottage said...

Your new blue decor will be perfect because you have great style and I know it will all come together beautifully. Your last home was one of my favorites so I can't wait to see you transform your new one. Sometimes I'm in the mood for things to "flow" and other times I crave a different color in every room! I'm still deciding on our bedroom color - leaning towards really brightening it up and bringing the strong color in there too. It's always fun to decide and play - and I'm so happy that you are getting to play in your new home too!!


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Ooooh! you are going to town! I so love all your inspiration pics...and so think you have such a good judgement and internal belief in what works well and what you love...

So I wouldn't let you have a liscence plate other than IMA Mazeing...So there!!!!!

sandra/tx said...

Thanks, y'all, for the vote of confidence and hugs. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

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