Monday, September 29, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

In Amarillo, we had a covered back patio. It wasn't huge or elaborate, but it was big enough for a table and chair set, as well as an antique hutch that held the stereo. One of my favorite things was to sit out there after work in the summer, sip on a margarita, play cards and listen to music on the stereo.

It's hard to say which I liked best. My husband's mother had a great recipe for margaritas. In fact, because her recipe is so good, I just do not like margs made from a mix. Here's the recipe:

1 can frozen limeade concentrate
1 can (use the same juice can for proportions) water
1 can tequila
1/3-1/2 can triple sec

Mix well, and serve over ice. If you want to salt the rim, moisten with a lime wedge first. These margaritas are practically famous, thanks to the internet and a decorating forum I belong to.

I also love playing cards. My husband grew up playing poker with his parents. I know what you're thinking, but he was an only child, and this was an easy game for him to learn and more enjoyable for his parents to play than Candyland. There are lots of variations of poker, and we play many. If it's just two of us, we love playing gin. Love. It.

Finally, I love music. Our favorite patio CD's include Sade, Steve Winwood, John Mayer, the Thorns -- so many! If you ever need suggestions for good music, just take a look at What's Playing on the Patio over there ----->.

Here in the Hill Country, we have a sun porch instead of a patio. It is furnished similar to our patio, though, and we still enjoy our favorite things. What are some of your favorite things?


Amber said...

One of my favorite things is sitting on your porch or patio and sipping one of Dorothy's margaritas! Looking forward to doing so again in October!

I told Mike just this evening that I was going to ask you to NOT let Chris make his jalapeno poppers. PLEASE. I am really trying to exercise and eat better. And I just cannot stop once I get started! LOL

sandra/tx said...

Oh, man. We have to have stuffed jalapenos. I need to do a post about those, don't I? The post is nonfat. ;-)

Country French Antiques said...

I'm licking my lips that margarita looks sooo good!
I'll try the recipe, I didn't know about it.
I love sitting outside too, so relaxing and the weather is perfect now.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Ha Sandra...we tend to have happy hour at our house on Friday's. And DH recipe for Margaritas is similar...just can't ever order them anywhere his are so good!

Fans going candle burning into night...good all eating pizza and playing games. Homemade guacamole...Yep. Must be Friday!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Sitting in my courtyard, overlooking looking my mountains, drinking a glass of great French wine....

Anonymous said...

just came across your blog via something via cotedetexas. i noticed you are from amarillo tx. i don't know how old you are but i have a good friend who still lives there
she owns a flower shop ...secret garden.. more events nowadays. her name now is parie jones villyard
it used to be pam marie jones.
she has been part of texas film and in reading your post i thought you might know her
i live in san marcos just down the road
small space living in a 1920's cottage bungalow
we have a front and back porch
so when we feel social it is the front and when we want to hide we head for the back and turn on the fountain
my name is diane and i will bookmark your blog
enjoy the day

Christy said...

I can speak from experience that those marg's are THE BEST! I used them for our all girls weekend a few years ago, Estrofest! :)

sandra/tx said...

Diane, I don't know Parie personally, but I know of her. Your home sounds adorable. Maybe we can meet up sometime! Thanks for stopping by.

Nola @ AlamoNorth said...

Oh, I miss my screened porches! One of my favs was to sit on the porch and sip (wine, margarita, dr pepper, tea, anything!) and listen to good music (I like Winwood, too!)
Our whole family has always played poker together from 9 to 90, everyone gets in on it!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Ha! That's pretty much our "house margarita recipe," too! That, along with our home made guacamole -- preferably sitting on our porch in rocking chairs -- would be a few of my favorite things. :-)

Jerri Lynn @ Southern Sassyness said...

May I come over, Sandra? ha! It sounds delightful....sitting out drinking a tasty margarita, enjoying the views and playing cards - what fun!

Amber said...

Okay, maybe just a FEW stuffed jalapenos!

Linda's entertaining sounds just like the dinner party I have planned for tomorrow night...our standard template! Homemade guac and chips as an appetizer, steaks on the barbie, roasted potatoes, salad. And brownies w/ Starbucks coffee ice cream for dessert. All served poolside by the kiva. Only...I don't have Linda's uber-coolio pad. But yep...I heart livin' in the Sunbelt!

sandra/tx said...

I really want to try those smash potatoes, or whatever they're called, that Christy posted. Yum!

Christy said...

Sandra, You have to try them! I swear they are my new favorite potato. They get all crispy & yummy & so easy!